KG collection

From my recent shoot with Katie Gariepy’s newest collection, enjoy 🙂

The vegetable garden

  In this box I have one watermelon, two squash, one eggplant, three broccoli, one eggplant, three cauliflower, one eggplant, radicchio rossa di verona dragon, scallions, salad greens/carrots and one eggplant.    In… Continue reading

Buffalo Garden Walk 2012

I took these photos at the beautiful Buffalo garden walk. I love walking through the neighborhood and being able to see all the work people have put into their gardens and homes in… Continue reading

Chelsea Shoot

Well it’s been in while since I have posted any new work, my last semester in college was a bit crazy. As for now, I have new a new set up and a… Continue reading

Good morning sunshine

Snapped a lovely picture of my two cats, Pumpkin and Turkey yesterday. They are probably my most photographed subjects haha 🙂

Autumn editorial with Katie

For the november autumn editorial shoot with Katie G on sunday we walked through the H. H. Richardson complex in Buffalo. It was abandoned in 1973 I believe and it was previously the… Continue reading